Established in 1999, the enterprise for the manufacture of agricultural equipment LLP “Don Mar” today has become the best and only manufacturer of trailed and mounted harvesters in Kazakhstan for all types of combines.

We offer the following products:

  • From 7 to 16 meters (universal and direct combining);
  • Reaper trailed width 9, 12 meters;
  • Harvesters trailed with a device for laying twin roll;
  • Disc harrow 7, 9 meters;
  • Sowing complex Precision Air Drill;
  • Sprayers trailed capture width of 26- 47 meters.

The main goal of our company is the production of agricultural equipment, which is affordable.

Agricultural machinery produced by Don Mar LLP combines modern technologies with a relatively low price and long service life.

Technical service and customer service not only for Kazakhstani consumers, but also for all customers.