We produce headers width of 7-9-12-16 meters for all types of combine.

Why farmers choose our header?

  • In addition to low cost, simplicity and reliability the design of our harvester has a lot of additional benefits:
  •  our cutter height has a very unique, ground following design, side to side and front to back, No dragging metal.
  •  plus plastic of the highest quality, covers the entire underside of the knife area, this assists in sliding over –

1. refuge in the field, 2.uneven ground, 3. mud does not stick to it as it does to metal.

  • the use of our rubber tipped reel bats reduses loses at the knife area especially in short crops;
  • the use of a Shumacher knife drives provides high performance cutting. Our 40 meter and larger headers have double knife drives.
  • canvas belt, tables provides fast, high performance feeding.
  • all Don Mar headers have the highest quality canvas belt, manufactury in USA.
  • parts are Soviet
  • components are made in our Kazakstan factory and readily available.