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ТОО Дон Мар

About us

More than thirty years ago, Donald Wallis - a native Canadian, owner of a successful business in Saskatchewan - ended up in Kazakhstan. The agro-industrial complex of this country did not interest then not only foreign investors and manufacturers, but even the Kazakhstanis themselves. And Donald stayed behind to help those farmers who couldn't imagine themselves without agriculture.

In 1990, when a delegation of Canadian manufacturers of agricultural machinery came to Kazakhstan to demonstrate their equipment, at the invitation of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Donald Wallis brought the widest Don Mar header at 15.5 meters,

The government of Kazakhstan decided to cooperate with him. And this cooperation began with the fact that for the first time four trailed headers, made in Canada, went to harvest in 1992 at the test station of the Nikolskaya MTS. They immediately showed excellent harvesting speed, reducing field losses and fuel costs through wide swaths and double swath placement.

Having made sure that the unit developed by us perfectly suits Kazakhstan's working conditions, we decided to start production of reapers on site, for which we signed an agreement on a joint venture with one of the factories of the then Tselinograd. However, six reapers, made at this plant according to drawings for two years, did not work, the performance was so terrible. Nikolskaya MTS refused further work. Donald Wallis decided to make his own header, found an intelligent welder and soon brought a working unit to Nikolskoye.

Donald Wallis found a suitable place for creating a production in the city of Lisakovsk, Kostanay region of Kazakhstan. In 1999 Don Mar LLP was founded. The first buyer was a farmer from the Sarykol region. Working days began: recruiting, training, running-in production, searching for clients. We built the enterprise only at our own expense, we did not take loans, all the money we earned was invested in production. At present, Don Mar LLP employs over 300 employees.

Don Mar LLP produces the following agricultural products: mounted headers for direct and universal harvesting 9.12.16 meters, trailed roll headers, wide-coverage sprayers, seeding complexes Don Mar. In 2017, DonMar LLP produced equipment by 30% more than in the past. The DonMar trademark has become recognizable in Kazakhstan.

Don Mar LLP has been carrying out its production activities in the field of agricultural engineering since 1999. For over 18 years, the equipment of Don Mar LLP has been successfully operating in the fields of Kazakhstan and Russia. The main goal is the production of agricultural machinery that is affordable and in demand in the main grain-growing regions of northern Kazakhstan. The products of Don Mar LLP have a modern design, a relatively low price and a long service life.

We create our tools deliberately simple, without complicating electronic sensors and other cost increases, so that they are available financially and can easily and quickly be repaired in the field by an ordinary farmer.

The demand for Don Mar reapers is also high on the part of large agricultural producers. The success of our Canadian-Kazakh harvesters among well-known entrepreneurs in agrarian circles led to the copying of the unit by other manufacturers. To date, we are selling reapers in Kazakhstan: in the cities of Aktyubinsk, Kostanay, Petropavlosk, Kokshetau, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semipalatinsk, Pavlodar and Russia: Orenburg, Omsk, Barnaul, Chelyabinsk, Saratov, Kurgan. Reapers are sold to Russia under the brand name "Made in Kazakhstan".

Foreign equipment that arrives for sale in Kazakhstan is not suitable for local conditions with a wheat yield of 8-15 c / ha, such equipment is not produced there at all. The best solution for Kazakhstan is enterprises like Don Mar LLP, when foreign and domestic specialists adapt ready-made solutions to local conditions. So, our Lisakovskiy reapers became canvas, having got rid of the augers, which reduced their weight, which means, raised the speed of the combine and increased its productivity while reducing losses.

Reapers of Don Mar LLP have a working width from 9 to 16 meters, for quick and high-quality work they are equipped with a Schumacher knife drive and a conveyor belt made in the USA, which ensures a uniform supply of the cut mass. On trailed and universal headers, in automatic mode, the belt also forms a uniform swath, regardless of the height of the plant stem. The copying system allows efficient use of the machine along the entire working length, even on uneven fields, therefore filling the hopper is much faster than with standard machines. Using the headers of Don Mar LLP, even on old-generation combines, it is possible to harvest the grown crop practically without losses and several times faster. The units are also used for harvesting cereal crops.

ТОО Дон Мар
ТОО Дон Мар
ТОО Дон Мар
ТОО Дон Мар